Our Clients

Below, you will find references that would be a source of information about Lundy & Franke Engineering.



Rehler Vaughn & Koone, Inc.    George Vaughn          210-733-3535

Ford Powell & Carson, Inc.        Boone Powell             210-226-1246

Kelll Munoz Architects              Henry Munoz              210-349-1163

Chesney Morales & Associates  Richard Morales         210-828-9481

Marmon Mok                              Steve Souter                210-223-9492

DeMunbrun Scarnato                  Tony Scarnato             210-828-6251

Alamo Architects                        Jerry Lammers            210-227-2612

Durand Hollis Rupe Architects  Gabriel Durand Hollis 210-308–0080


Testing Facilities


Raba-Kristner Concultants, Inc.    Carl Raba, Jr.            210-699-9090

Professional Services Industries    Ed Pruski                  210-655-1031

Fugro (Southwest), Inc.                Greg Steiben              210-655-9615




G.W. Mitchell                               Bill Mitchell              210-227-8127

Bartlett Cocke                               Dwane Pozza             210-655-1031

Spaw-Glass                                   Chuck Calvin             210-349-7729

H.B. Zachry Co.                            Rene Garcia               210-922-1213

Guido Brothers                              Tom Guido                210-344-8321