What You Might Like to Know About Our Company

Lundy & Franke Engineering, Inc. founded on philosophies and principles of the late Charles H. Lundy, P.E., who had 45+ years of experience, offers to its clients and practitioners of the construction industry an abundance of solid up-to-date experience and a proven record in the design of modern structural systems. Every project assignment accepted by this Firm is considered a challenge worthy of our best effort.


Lundy & Franke Engineering, Inc., a Texas corporation, is a fully qualified and licensed engineering firm in the State of Texas. Lundy & Franke Engineering consists of one office located in North Central San Antonio. Principal, Shawn J. Franke is licensed in fifteen states: State (Year Licensed); TX (8/97), OK (5/98), FL (3/01), VA (3/06), DC (5/06), MD (4/06), NY (5/09), KY (10/00), MA (2/04), PA (9/07), MS (3/02), MO (3/03), NM (8/08), LA (9/98), KS (4/08)   and has completed projects in the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Puerto Rico.


Assignments accepted by the Firm represent a diversified practice including renovations, additions, new construction and restoration engineering. Types of structures include, but are not limited to single and multi-story buildings, educational buildings (K-12 and universities), libraries, commercial centers, retail facilities, parking garages, residential facilities, bridges, drainage structures, waste water treatment facilities and industrial structures.

A reputation has been established for innovative design, combined with a practical approach to the solution of the clients’ problems. The application of these principles has provided clients with efficient and economical structures within the established goals of design, budget and schedule. The Firm is proficient in metric-based design and has produced construction documents in the Metric System.


Shawn Franke is the managing principal of the Firm and is actively engaged in engineering design and analysis on all projects. All major decisions regarding framing systems and design procedures are made by the principal and all engineering production is closely supervised by him. The firm consists of three professional engineers, Shawn J. Franke, Allen Shelley and Joe Alva, along with one senior engineer, Duncan McAda, who have been with the firm for 14+ years.


Weekly production staff meetings are conducted to ensure continuous involvement by the principal in all projects. All correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, are reviewed and approved by the principal to verify continuity in policy.

Lundy & Franke Engineering, Inc. has extensive experience with the varying soil conditions of South Texas, especially in the San Antonio area where conditions vary from limestone to highly expansive clays. The Firm recognizes the importance of details often overlooked. Lundy & Franke Engineering, Inc. has developed its skills in designing new structures better able to cope with the active soils, while recognizing the economics and performance