Our Projects

We firmly believe that only companies that concentrate their work in certain areas can provide truly exceptional work. Since we would never offer our customers anything less, we specialize in the following core competencies:


We support church work with the knowledge from our experience. Churches
completed include small (100 seat) to large (3,500 seat). We experience extends
into the design of support spaces, administration and schools associated with
the churches. Click the link above a see a few photos of completed projects.


We have extensive K-12 and higher education experience. Since we have been
designing schools for the past 25 years we have seen the changes in styles and
quality of schools. We have designed everything from the basic one story
pre-engineered metal building to multistory cast in place concrete structures.
Click the link above to see a few photos of completed projects.


Retirement Home, Nursing Home, Health Care

We have extensive project experience with single and multi-story facilities
relating to health care and elderly care.

Lundy and Franke Engineering's commercial experience is extensive. We have
worked on almost every conceivable type of building in modern construction (and
have probably brought some back from the old types). Click the link above to
see photos from different categories of commercial construction.

Theatre and Arts
Shawn Franke, P.E. stumbled upon historic theatres in 1994 while working on
the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, TX. He has developed a knowledge of
historic theatres and an appreciation for the theatrical design associated with
using historic theatres for modern shows. Click the link above to visit some of
the theatres from across the country we have worked on that date back to the



We have a staff that understands historic buildings, our work has included
work on buildings as old as 1770.


Parking Garages

Though our experience with garages is typically associated with new
buildings that we design we have experience with all types of parking
structures. LFE also has extensive experience with repair of existing parking
structures and uses that experience in designing new garages.